UTS Provides Mission Support Materials

United Tactical Supply (UTS) provides mission support materials for the Military, Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, Medical Facilities, and Civilian Industries throughout the United States.

UTS, A Lead Provider of Decontamination Materials

United Tactical Supply is a leading provider of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Decontamination Materials.

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"OUR Mission is to Support YOUR Mission"

Our mission is to provide support that enables the user to maintain an effective level of operational continuity in the event of a CBRN incident, environmental catastrophe or industrial accident.

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United Tactical Supply will customize any product to ensure mission success.

UTS is able to adapt to the ever-changing needs that face the brave men and women of our country. We will customize any product or kit to ensure your mission success.

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IET® Kit

The Initial Entry Team Kit (IET) aka The Specialized Chemical Ordnance Transport System is a proprietary system developed in conjunction with multiple EOD/SOF units for the purpose of contaminating, sealing, and transporting chemical ordnance, specifically the 155 round or smaller. A Video Summary can be found under the UTS Products Page.

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The NEW, VALIDATED IDS Kits are compact, lightweight, mobile decontamination systems designed to outfit individual personnel against CBRN agents.

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SPEEDS® is a self contained, tactical, independent and fully validated decontamination system against CBRN agents, TIC’S and TIM’s for personnel decontamination.

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United Tactical Supply

UTS a well-established leader in the decontamination market, with a proven success in meeting the needs of consumers from government, military, law enforcement, civilian and corporate establishments.